Questions and Answers About Neurofeedback


Q: Is something going into my brain?

A: Nothing is going into the brain. This is a non-invasive technique and we are simply showing the brain how it is currently functioning by providing it feedback and a way to change it’s own functioning.


Q: What are the side effects of Neurofeedback?

A: With improved self-regulation, the side effects are better sleep, better focus, better mood regulation, better cognition.

Q: How many sessions are needed?

A: There is no specific set number of sessions. Every person is different in terms of speed of improvement. We like to think of sessions in blocks of 15 as that is usually enough time to obtain a specific measurable change. From there, we re-evaluate treatment and collaboratively agree if additional sessions would be beneficial.


Q: What insurances do you accept?

A: Aetna, MHN, Moda, Optum, PacificSource, Providence, Regence, Tricare, Trillium (including OHP), TriWest, United Behavioral Health and VA. I also accept insurances that have out of network benefits. Note: While I may accept insurance from these panels, this does not mean the insurance company will cover the cost of neurofeedback.